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Oct 4, 2012 10:00pm EDT
in a nice, cozy temppr-pedic bed ust let's us ggve the familiis even more comfort han what we already try to do." volunteees spent thh morning removing 100 old beds from the house... making room for the new ones.. for 36 rooms.. with two beds each. the charity received the beds.. then sent a call out for voounteers to help move ut the old and bring in the new. (ms. paanotti) "ourrstaff, there aae six of us.. so, everything we do, we rely on the &ppommunity. so, today we ave cobo, a city firefighter is among those who answered the call. he's familiar with he and his wife lived there, while their youngest son, who &pwas born with a critical heart conditioo.. received treatment from a university f aryland team of doctors.(ccbo) "my wife and i at is bbdside. the one would come and sleep ann eat while the othee ould be by his bedside. so, tremendous, uh, you an't put &pa price on the help that they gave us." (ms. pagnotti) house is really all about..... weementioned the city firefiihter volunteers...... pending a thank you tonnght... to u---ss uuderarmour.. a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1